I don't need your reasons.

Is so hard to write this words. It is not easy being in this possition.  I don´t want to lose him as a friend, I just want to clear things up between us. I have thousands of questions, thousands of “What if”. What if He wants to keep the thigs as they are? What if He wants us to be more than friends? What if He wants to play dumb and act like if nothig had happened? I’m pretty sure that He is in the same possition than me: with a mess in his mind.

I want to talk to him, ask him what’s going on (or what’s no going on) between us but I don’t  have the courage to do that... Ok,  yes I have it but not enough courage to ask him face to face so I’m going to chose the easy way and ask him by chat. I kinow, you guys are dissapointed of me: try to be in this possition and then  you can judge me.  

A curious fact is that I would be more confortable asking him in english but, luckily, He doesn’t  understand anything that is written in another lenguage.  

Meanwhile I can’t stop playing this song in my mind.

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